Run a 5K?? You can!!

G&M Presents Grand Prix Foundation 5K - Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach

Get up and learn how to run a 5K!

We know what you are thinking:

I can’t do that! Those people are in shape. I start breathing heavy going up stairs! I have an injury. I’ll hurt myself. I’ll come cheer you on. I really hate running . . .

Push aside these excuses and join this unique program. Start now! Achieve your goal of running 5K!  If you’re looking for a way to exercise that is fun and will have long term benefits, learning how to run a 5K is a great way to start.

What the Program Offers: This program is designed to get you running 3.1 miles in about 8 weeks. While it sounds overwhelming, it’s not. Our program is designed to allow you to progress at your own pace under the guidance of our Coaching Staff. Running with friends and others who want to complete a road race makes training fun and provides support and incentive to push yourself to achieve your goal. This program will also provide you with long-term benefits such as improved cardio and core strength, balance and overall strength and fitness. Let’s Go!!

Details: Each week, there will be three days of targeted goals: (i) live coaching techniques at our facility in Ansonia on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon (times TBD depending on demand); (ii) a small group jog/run; and (iii) one day of “on your own” activity with guidance provided by the Coaching Staff. You will also receive weekly support through text messaging to make sure you are on target to meet your goals.

Program Start Date: We will start this program on Thursday, September 29th with the goal of preparing you to participate in your first 5K the week of Thanksgiving.

Who Should Participate: Current runners, former runners, new runners, or experienced runners. All are welcome. We can tailor this program to meet your needs.

Cost: The fee is $400.00 for 8 weeks and is payable in either two monthly installments of $200.00 or $55.00 per week.

For information or to sign up, please email us at info@evolutionathelticsclub.com. Formal registration will be through our website shortly.

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