Welcome to the Evolution Athletics facility, where every aspect of your fitness journey is meticulously crafted for success. Our state-of-the-art center boasts a range of equipment designed to cater to your every need and elevate your training experience to new heights.

As you step into our facility, you’ll immediately notice the impressive array of equipment at your disposal. With 2 dual adjustable pulleys, 3 Magnum Double half racks, and 3 Concept-2 rowers, you have access to versatile tools that enable a diverse range of exercises and training modalities. Whether you’re targeting specific muscle groups or engaging in high-intensity interval training, our equipment is engineered to support your goals effectively.

Enhance Your Cardiovascular Fitness and Strength Training at Evolution Athletics

For cardiovascular conditioning, we offer 3 Assault bikes and 2 treadmills, ensuring you have ample options to push your limits and improve your endurance. Our commitment to functional training is evident with 3 platforms available for Olympic lifts and explosive movements, empowering you to build strength and power with precision.


Performance Weight Room – 1500 sq ft

2 private 800 sq ft, training workspace
1 studio (group exercise) 1300sq ft
Access to 2700 sq ft wrestling room
Brand NEW, male, and female locker rooms – 1100sq ft
Access to conference room- 500 sq ft
COMING SOON – aquatic sports and access to swimming pool!

Wrestling Room
EAC locker room
Group training and exercise

Please watch the video to take a virtual tour of our facility. You’ll find that at EAC we welcome people of all fitness levels and just like our fitness classes we have customized our facility to fit all your needs.

At Evolution Athletics, we’re dedicated to providing our members with the resources they need to thrive. Our facility is more than just a gym; it’s a community-driven space where individuals come together to pursue their fitness goals, push boundaries, and evolve into the best versions of themselves. Join us at Evolution Athletics and experience the difference firsthand as you embark on a journey of transformation and growth.