Athletic Performance - B.A.S.S

B.A.S.S. - Balance, Agility, Strength, Speed

Balance, Agility, Strength, Speed

It takes time for the body to learn new movement patterns. When under pressure, the body always refers back to the last habit it learned, so until you build the techniques or muscle memory into a habit, you need to have patience and practice. Team Training programs, aimed at improving athletic performance, skill, as well as decreasing injuries. Our coaches work to improve an athlete’s mental fitness, sportsmanship, and confidence. Practice makes improvements!

*Join team training without bringing the team? Meet new athletes, put your skills to the test, see how you compare, get the best out of your athlete, no distractions. 

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Coaches travel to your location to deliver a challenging workout that is organized, progressive, and customized for your entire sports team. Our programs are built with power, intensity and energy that apply directly to the specific sports’ demands.