Customized Training

Your Path to Success Begins with Customized Training

Welcome to Evolution Athletics Club where we offer a wide range of services to help you build strength and improve your fitness level. Whether you’re looking for a challenging workout with a group or a more personalized approach, we’ve got you covered!

We offer training that combines strength, cardio, and core exercises to create an effective and fun workout. Our classes can vary in size and intensity, so there’s something for everyone. Our instructors are highly trained and experienced in creating the best possible program for each individual or group.

Our Customized Training Programs

Small Group (private 3-8)

Coach will work with you to create a flexible program tailored to your group’s fitness needs. Options can include but not limited to; couch-to-5K, Strength, Tabata, HIT, Boot Camp, Low Impact, Circuit, Barbell, Yogability, MMA, wrestling, self-defense, Running, obstacle course training.

Our Small Group Training programs offer personalized attention from our certified coaches in a group setting that is both fun and effective.

Personal Training

Our personal trainers specialize in strength, endurance, and flexibility training, as well as nutrition and lifestyle coaching. With our personal training, you’ll get an individualized program tailored to your goals and skill level. You will feel empowered and motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. Come join us and start your journey towards a stronger, healthier you. 

Athletic Performance - B.A.S.S

Evolution Athletics Club is dedicated to helping athletes reach their full potential. Our programs are designed to maximize athletic performance while minimizing injury risk. We will provide personalized instruction to help you develop the skill and physical attributes needed to excel in your sport. Athletes will see results quickly and be able to reach their goals in a safe and sustainable way. We look forward to helping you become the best athlete you can be!

Balance - Agility - Strength - Speed


Register for our customized training programs today and experience firsthand the transformative benefits tailored to your fitness goals and needs. From personalized workout routines to expert guidance, unlock your full potential and achieve remarkable results with our customized training approach