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EF8 Evolve - Foundations 8

Move better, build strength, and burn fat. This important class introduces our 8 fundamental movements. Progressing to a wide variety of body weight and resistance exercises that will have your body moving through its full range of motion. 

EST: Evolve Strength Training

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This calorie blasting class incorporates traditional strength exercises, and body weight, that will continue to build throughout class. The workout intensity can be modified to any fitness level from beginners to advanced! Get ready to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  

CK: Cardio Kickboxing

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First time trying kickboxing or want to brush up on your basics? Then this is the class for you. We go over all the fundamentals & basics of kickboxing while ensuring you get a great work out! As we progress this full-body workout will help to get you into the best shape of your life. Whether you're looking to burn fat, tone up or learn a new martial art, our kickboxing classes are a great fit for all skill levels.

EBC: Evolve BootCamp

An intense technique focused bootcamp that centers around our 8 fundamental movements. Each class is specifically programmed to increase strength, boost metabolic conditioning, and fast track fat loss.

Yogability - Body Restoration

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This class focuses on body recovery restoring movement. The ability to move freely and easily through a specific, full range of motion.

KB- Kettlebell

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Our Kettlebell Core class is focused on safe and effective instruction of Kettlebell technique. This class will be great for both learning the foundation movements with the kettlebell, as well as enhancing already acquired techniques.  Learn how to properly perform the two foundational Kettlebell movements, The Swing and The Get-Up. Learn and Burn.

LI - Low Impact(full body)

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Nothing complicated just moving the body at a gentle pace. This full body class will have you reaching, stretching, stepping at your pace.  If you need to take a break nobody is stopping, you.  This class will consist of 8 full body exercises performed for 40 secs with a 10sec march or rest. Our goal is to complete 5 rounds. During class we will introduce 4 of the 8 fundamental movements. You got this!

Jiu Jitsu - No-gi

No-gi Jiu Jitsu is closely related to MMA, wrestling, and self-defense techniques. If you have never trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu before then this is a great place to start this whole-body workout will improve strength through each move, also improving your coordination and power. Beginners can learn a lot from training no-gi, from grip fighting to self-control. Lessons start with a conditioning warm up and instructors then move on to demonstrate techniques, set ups and positions, all while burning calories.

Fitness class formats typically include

50 – 60 minutes, with 6-9 min movement prep, 22-34 min movement work, 7-15 min up-tempo workout

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